In September 2010, 18 year-old Tyler Clementi took his own life following the online posting of a secret video, made by his roommate, of Tyler’s sexual encounter with another male student. This tragedy and betrayal touched people across the country, but none more intensely than young adults questioning modern sexual mores and how they affect their own sexual identities. Break Through is a raw, eye-opening documentary following a group of impassioned theatre students who come together to produce a play aiming to shed light on the many stigmas and equality-rights issues faced by LGBT youth in the United States today. Throughout the creative process, they face the truths about themselves and their families. In the end, they learn the importance of self-acceptance and of overcoming their fears, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.



Producer/Director/Editor: Aaron Hosé

Executive Producer: Jonathan Vieira
Producers: Don Merritt (Exec.), Bryce West (Exec.), Vanessa Brewsters (Co), Brigitte Hosé (Co), Kyle Shelton (Assoc.), Rebecca Roos (Assoc.)
Cinematography: Dale Fakess, Vanessa Brewster, Brigitte Hosé

Director’s Statement 

Considering the societal stigmas and legal restrictions placed on gay, lesbian, and transgender citizens, it still takes an incredible amount of courage to be open about one’s sexuality. As human beings, we should treat one another with equal love and respect, no matter what part of the world we call home, how much money we make, or which letter of the LGBTQ alphabet soup we identify with. But as long as people are bullied, killed, or resort to taking their own lives because they are deemed “different”, it is important to continue making films that promote equality and highlight the efforts of those who are trying to make a difference in society. In that sense, making this film was an easy decision, one of which my team and I will always be proud. 


  • Belize International Film Festival (Belize, 2014)
  • Poland LGBT Film Festival (Poland, 2014)
  • Cape Town & Winelands International Film Festival (South Africa, 2014)  
  • Your Normal LGBT Film Festival (USA, 2013) 
  • OUT Twin Cities Film Festival (USA, 2013)
  • Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (USA, 2013)
  • Orlando Film Festival (USA, 2013) 
  • South Texas Underground Film Festival (USA, 2013)
  • Central Florida Film Festival (USA, 2013)
  • Kansas City Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (USA, 2013)
  • Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (South Africa, 2013)
  • Florida Collegiate Pride Coalition Conference (USA, 2013) 
  • Coming OUT Conference (USA, 2013) 
  • University of Oregon Queer Film Festival (USA, 2013)
  • Reelout Queer Film + Video Festival (Canada, 2013) 
  • Out in the Desert: Tucson International LGBT Film Festival (USA, 2013) 
  • Alexandria Film Festival (USA, 2012)
  • Out in the Open Film Festival (USA, 2012) 


  • Opening Film – Your Normal LGBT Film Festival (USA, 2013) 
  • Opening Film – OUT Twin Cities Film Festival (USA, 2013)
  • Nominee – Most Inspirational Film – Orlando Film Festival (USA, 2013) 
  • Finalist – Best Documentary – Central Florida Film Festival (USA, 2013) 
  • Finalist – Best Foreign Project – Central Florida Film Festival (USA, 2013) 
  • Nominee – Crystal Cactus Award for Best Full-Length Documentary – Out in the Desert LGBT Film Festival (USA, 2013)